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After a rather unfortunate off last night I'm after the following parts for the bike. These are the only parts munted other that my Ducati Dainese Leathers that now look very second hand after only a 20 mph get off

Right Hand side mirror assembly (Red)Part Number - 523.2.009.1AA

Right Hand side lower half fairing (Red)Part Number - 480.1.152.1AA

Right hand side air deflector (Red) Part Number - 480.1.150.1AA

Front brake level Part Number - 626.4.027.1A

Plastic handlebar cap Part Number - 872.1.015.1A

Rear brake control lever Part Number - 457.2.013.1A

Rear brake level pin Part Number - 455.1.010.1A

Rear brake Rubber pad Part Number - 764.1.011.1A

Thanks guys

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Re: Parts Wanted for '04 749S (sbwells)

If you email me this list I can get you some prices on this stuff shipped to your door.

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