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parts and riding gear

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'00-'01 dark smoke windscreen from L.P.- brand new,never used.
'03 trunk lid-ex.cond.
Frame sliders from Intuitive race products(SP2)- SOLD!
Ohlins shock spring-#01093-34/100 l384 (195 lbs.?)-SOLD!
Alpinestars track pants-sz 38,black,ex.cond.-$150+ship.
Sidi boots-Vertebra 2,sz.10.5,ex.cond. worn maybe 15 times-$100+ship.
Custom front seat embroidered w/Honda racing in Jap.lettering
Passenger seat and gasket-SALE PENDING
Passenger pegs
'03 owners manual-SOLD!
2 new sparkplugs IFR8H11

riding gear priced as marked,parts are best offer.TIA.
e-mail pics available
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sent PM for rear seat and rubber and 03 trunk lid

Sidi boots also can you send me pics of the boots?
Sending a PM about the shock spring and manual. Can anyone explain the difference betweeen a 01092-34/100 spring and a 01093-34/100 spring?

I think the first number is the length? :confused:
H8redlihgts-The Sidi boots are basicly the same boots they sell now that retail for about $200 and are in exc.cond.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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