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"THE TOOL" has reached the end of it's useable lifetime - its original purpose was to win Supertwins championship at LRRS in 1996 - mission accomplished plus many more championships. A factory direct sale in June of 1996.
VIN: ZDM916S*S*007068 Not road legal.


Complete set race bodywork (upper/lower/tail) in BCM red/white/green ($750)
(PIC NOW AVAILABLE ON REQUEST) CF tank fresh red paint with "oops on the bodywork shelf" damage, uses stock fuel pump insert (not incl) ($750)
(PIC NOW AVAIL) CF F fender, nearly new ($150)

SOLD (TURN1) BCM Rearsets ($100)


1026 crank and Pankl rods, lightened and balanced ($1000)
Magnesium deep sump and crankcases ($1000)
748 Transmission ($100)
Race P8 harness w/dual injector throttle bodies, "custom" CF corse-style airbox, lg
CF ram tubes (all these items together $1750)
Airbox and ram tubes separately ($250)

(RESERVED - BEN HONG) Axljak alternator Cover w/water pump ($100)

Standard radiator ($75)
Stock lightened 996 flywheel ($75)
Corse breather ($50)
Stock clutch cover ($25)

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HI, i am very interested in the BCM Rearsets ($100) slipper clutch ($500), does the clutch come with plates & what comdition is it in, & can i you please send some pics to [email protected]

thank you for your time.......Ari

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I'm doing the dis-assembly on Monday afternoon. Thanks to all of you who purchased parts. Watch Ebay for other items.

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I'll be starting to take apart the motor next week. If you have RESERVED a component (see listing above), please arrange your payment now. FREE USPS shipping on all small (under 3 lbs packaged) parts.

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Parts are starting to ship. Need those who have reserved items to get their Paypals in. Thanks. The rearsets and EVR clutch will become available again on Monday if no Paypal received by then.
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