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Current remaining items 11-16-10:

27MM Offset Triple Clamp (showa sized) with Black anodized upper 500

Ohlins Shock 400

Ride Height Linkage (adjustable and includes heim joints!) 50

Hyper Pro Silver Steering Damper with Gold Mount 250

Woodcraft Rearsets (with both pedals, no damage) 175

Aluminum Monoposto Subframe (from Motowheels, nearly new) 350

Clip Ons (oem) 50

Ducati Performance Rear Sprocket (quick change 40t 525 light!) 100

Sprocket Carrier (oem powdercoated black) 20

Chain (525, like new) 25

Swingarm (no rash, with chain slider, newish bearings) 100

Yellow Fuel Tank (no rust, no bondo, small ding) 150

Fuel Pump and Base (has metal qd fittings!) 125

Side Fairings Hotbodies (not crashed) 100

Fender OEM 749S with white stripe 30

Bellypan Hotbodies (slight pipeburn) 25

ECU 1.6 150

Chip for ECU 748 with pipes (ducati performance) 20

Chip for ECU 916 with pipes (ferracci) 20

Ultimap 853 lofgren adjustable chip 100

Billet Quick Turn Black Fuel Cap (yoydyne, non threaded version) 75

Coils/wires OEM 50

Brembo Iron Full Floating Rotors 200

OEM Air Runners with Pipercross filters (both sides) 75

1997 Frame with Eccentric 100

Full 50mm Termignoni Carbon Fiber Exhaust 1100

Carrozeria Forged Aluminum Black Anodized Wheels 1200

Radiator no leaks pretty straight 80

Oversized Racing Oil Cooler (this thing is serious, with trick hoses) 400

Carbon Breather Box (like new motowheels unit with hoses) 400

Airbox reed valve (needed for corse breather box install) 50

I'm attaching a few pictures for extra sauce.

And the link to the full pictures:
748 Parts pictures by durtb1ker - Photobucket

Email me at jeremyderb at gmail dot com for details.

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Forgot to mention

I also have a set of Tyr Sox with the fleece blanket deals. A few burn marks, but very simple/effective/HOT! $100

Also a set of Medium BT-003R Dot Race tires with 30 laps (one track day, on warmers) 120-70-17 180-55-17 $150

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Desmo do you have a set of stock or aftermarket triples handy to measure the thickness of the material? These are so much beefier than the stock item I can't imagine going another 2mm in diameter would be an issue.

But I am not a scientist ;)

Also in case that sticker is illegible on the photo...that is a CE approval sticker that fell out of a shipment of Ducati accessories. It reads....

"Warning ! Do not remove this label !" (the phrase is listed above in Italian)
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