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UPDATE!! 12/07/10

I have added pictures plus realized I have the following:

Carbon Front 748/996 Fender $100 Sold
748/916/996/998 Ohlins Damper $275 Sold
M900 Makuni Carbs: Make offer.
STM BB Slipper with Alum Basket:$300 Sold
Termi 45/50 Half System. Includes 45/50 Mid Pipe. Slips ons have a few small dents and the carbon is a bit cracked in a few spots but they don't leak and perform perfectly:$400

I have two bikes that I am never going to have the time to work with. I figured you all might want to have at the parts. ALL PARTS FOR THESE BIKES ARE AVAILABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. If you need a part please PM me.

Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Prices are OBO.

2000 996s:

Grey Frame, clear title. Steering head included: $650.00
Ohlins Rear, GMD built, spring for 190LBS rider. $450.00
Almost new Showa Ti Front end including top/bottom triples and steerer: $250.00 Sold
Grey 5 Spoke wheels. Front has slight lip bend, Ridden for years without issue: $600.00 (Update, I realized I sold the wheels I have that were bent, These are perfectly straight)
Two Fairing mounts, one Vortek Black one Alum unit. $90 each.
Alum Sub frame. $150 Sold
Carbon Under tail $100 Sold
Shark Skins Complete body, OEM windscreen, airbox, including tank and pump, painted blue: $750
Rear SSWA, HUB, Brake cal, Rotor, Axle: $400.00
SnowFlake Rotors: $175

1994 M900:

Gold frame, cracked and welded. Crack was at passenger hand hold location. Not a great job on this weld, I didn't do it but it has a clear title. $450.00
Newly painted Tank and fender, same blue as the 996. $500.00
Corbin Seat$90.00
Almost all parts from this bike (missing Rear sets). That said, Head light, controls, Gauges Make offer
Engine: This bike had cracked cases. I replaced them but lost interest. Motor is almost built but missing the Big end Key for the Cam drive Primary gear. I will part this out if anyone needs parts. Cases, heads, Crank so on. All in very good shape. Make offers
Kerker Slip ons, loud, no baffles. Polished aluminum.$200.00
Three spoke wheels.$350
Alum Swingarm $200.00
Showa/Sachs rear Shock Free with Rear Swingarm
Stock single speed front end and triples. $150.00

Other crap:

MS4/ST Rear 5 spoke wheel, Grey, perfect. Will fit any Sport classic Double Sided Swingarm bike: $250.00
Two sets of 748 Heads: 1998 and 2001. Bare Heads. Make offer.

Anything Else you see that I might have just PM me and I will shoot you back a price.

I am located in Rhode Island and can meet within 100Miles of Newport.

Thanks for the time.

Pictures show Ohlins fronts on the 996 which are not for sale.

Added Shots:

The Color of the blue here is off from the lights in my shop. The color is better rep'd in the above picture.

Check My below Post for more shots:

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Very interesting!! That bike looks a hellava lot like another 996 a guy in north carolina claimed he owed and sold. Hmmmm:rolleyes:


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TheDesmoPilot, I built the bike in that picture but it is not the same bike I am parting. The bike in that shot does have the 996RS motor in it. The Bike I am parting is a totally different machine.

Thanks for looking,


More Shots:

The Color of the blue here is off from the lights in my shop. The color is better rep'd in the above picture.

The Color of the blue here is off from the lights in my shop. The color is better rep'd in the above picture.


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Life is rough.

Guys, I have been a bit slammed with my job. Please see items that are sold as listed below:

Fork: Tentative
Subframe: Tentative x 3
Fender/Undertail: Tentative

Everything else is still open.

Had a few questions about the STM. It is a STM Ball Bearing Slipper with about 10K on it including an Alum Basket. Stupid cheap for such a nice setup.


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