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Hey guys, I wanna paint my Duc yellow cuz I heared it's faster
My question is what size compressor do I need to do the job? Can I use an 8 gallon compressor and what max psi 40/90? For the spray gun what would you recommend?


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Re: Painting questions (Fokai)

8 gal tank seems kinda small, it will keep the compressor motor running a lot.

it isn't so much the size of the tank as it is the available air flow.

and that depends on the gun you use.

as far as PSI - that also depends on the gun as well as the paint used.

I paint the base at 35 - 40 PSI and the clear at 50+ PSI


And you are right – yellow is faster. Faster then black, but slower then red!

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Re: Painting questions (Eddie)

So I guess I'll be needing a bigger compressor to complete the job without any interruptions. Guess I'll be heading to harbor freight
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