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Painiting OEM fairings?

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Do I need to sand the original paint on OEM fairings before applying primer for the new paint? I started doing this, but it is a PITA. Thanks for the help.
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Re: Painiting OEM fairings? (rotty900ss)

on oem finishes ,, generally all you have to do is clean the surface really good with wax and grease remover or wash them with dawn dish soap ,, then sand with 400 wet . depending on the color you are shooting you may want to put down a ground coat ( simular color ) or sealer , if you are just recoating then just sand and shoot ..
Re: Painiting OEM fairings? (04749s)

What 04 said
The belief that you need to sand all your paint off and/or primer is POO POO!
Wet sand with 400 grit really well Then Hit it with 600 wet to just knock down the coarser scratches. Careful on edges because you can go through those quick which wont hurt anything but you can also round them due to the parts being plastic.

good luck!
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