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One-off 853...

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To all that replied. If you like the bike but hate the paint, new paint (your choice) can be included in the selling price.

No Earl Scheib BS here, 100% professional.

This is an “853” ’97 Ducati, 13,400 original miles, it has never seen the ground, its condition is excellent, and should considered as a “blue printed” hand built bike, much in the same way as the factory would prepare their racing bikes. Bike is also featured in this months Cycle World.

Lower End:

-Stock 748 crankshaft sent to Falicon Crankshafts for lighting, “knife edging” and polishing of the flywheels, to help reduce crankcase windage.
-Rebalancing of the crankshaft assembly for Pistoli 94mm pistons and pins.
-Crankcases were inspected (Zygloed) for cracks and imperfections prior to assembly.

Cylinders and Heads:

-Cylinder bore tolerances were inspected and reset for 94mm Pistoli pistons.
-Cylinder heads received extensive modifications at BCM Ducati, by Bruce Meyers, personally. Per Bruce’s suggestion, stock valves were retained for ‘reliability’ and the best combination for engine breathing; for aggressive street riding and track day use. Valves and seats were recut (multiple angle) to provide enhanced flow.
-Stock 44mm (stepped) throttle bodies were exchanged for 916/ 46mm throttle bodies. This was then ported and flowed as an assembly. The stock 748 combustion chamber was ‘unshrouded’ to allow for much quicker ‘flame propogation’.
-During engine assembly (KD personally), piston and cylinder squish tolerances were strictly adhered to, with a final squish of .045 (thou) with a plus/minus of .005.
-CC’d combustion chambers yielded a final compression ratio of 12.5:1. (The bike performs flawlessly/no detonation on premium pump fuel).

Cam Belts and Pulleys:

-Per Bruce Meyers, and Doug Lofgren the camshaft lobe centers were retimed to 114 (intake) and 116 (exhaust) respectively.
-New Kevlar reinforced cam belts
-STM alloy camshaft pulleys with vernier type cam timing adjustability, replaced the OEM steel components.
-Post build, the bike was sent to Doug Lofgren in Mn, for final “chip” tuning for the new engine configuration. Doug achieved 108 (rear wheel HP) and 64 foot lbs or torque. The bike as received when I purchased it, made 91 HP and 57 ft lbs of torque. Ducati (factory) uses a crankshaft rated power output figure; to compare; its common to use a 15% coefficient drag factor to the rear wheel, that computes to 124+ HP for the 853.

Transmission and Clutch:

-close ratio 6 speed gearbox
-Surflex “slipper” type clutch. The Sureflex is regarded as the top slipper type clutch available, due to its ‘ramp and cam’ design rather than the ‘balls and ramp’ that the STM unit employs. Clutch rattle is reduced by over 50% and clutch pull is now a non issue.
-Motowheels clutch slave cylinder
-Rear Sprocket is a 40 tooth (520 pitch) STM one piece alloy
-Aggressive street riding: 14 tooth countershaft/ 40 tooth rear=2.85:1 final drive ratio. I also have a 15 tooth CS sprocket which calms the gear to gear acceleration some, but not by much.
-This (14x40) combination is my favorite for the street, it has tremendous grunt shooting off the apex, the acceleration to the next corner is fearsome. The 14 tooth will still hit 150 mph plus. The engine pulls to a max redline of 11,000 in the blink of and eye!

Chassis/components and controls

-Black powder coated frame/Adjustable steering head set at 23.5 degrees of rake
-Gold (Brembo gold) painted swing arm
-Ohlins Road and Track forks
-Ohlins rear shock
-Ohlins steering damper
-Billet lower triple clamp (massive)
-Cycle Cat adjustable clip on handle bars/gold anodize
-Arrow adjustable rear sets/gun metal anodize
-Top triple clamp/ black metallic paint with custom graphics

Brakes/Wheels/related components:

-Blackstone Tek (BST) Carbon Fiber wheels 3.50 x 17 front/6.0 x 17 rear
-Michelin Pilot Sport tires/ excellent condition/ 120/65x ZR17 front/ 190/50xZR17 rear.
-Brake Tech front 320 mm(iron) rotors on Alloy (gold painted) carriers
-Brembo 4 pad front calipers, Brake Tech sintered bronze pads
-Kevlar hydraulic fluid lines thru out.
-19x20 mm “radial” front brake master cylinder pump, fully adjust lever
-16x18 mm “radial” clutch master cylinder pump, fully adjust lever

Electronics and controls:

-Casoli Moto gauges/yellow face
-Carbon fiber dash with digital shift indicator
-Moto wheels mini billet/halogen front turn signals
-Lite weight alloy battery carrier
-Reduced size (by over half) sealed hi output battery. OEM battery weight 11lbs/ new battery weight, less than 6 lbs.
-Custom bullet tail lights/ KD design

Body Work:

-Chevy Satin black paint, with custom long tip 50’s type flames. Ted McGalliard, Nicky Thies did all the paint and body work, Mitch Kim did all the graphics and pin striping.
-ZG Double bubble tinted windscreen
-Technosel closed cell seat, super comfy, best seat I’ve sat on.
-RCM Billet fuel cap
-Pauli Moto black anodize half moon clutch cover
-Pauli Moto black anodize front sprocket cover

Carbon Fiber:

-CF ventilated front fender/ 2 toned with satin black and gold pin striping
-CF air intake tubes/ modified for increased flow capacity
-CF dash board w/ digital shift indicator
-CF fuel tank cover/ with “Betty Paige/kneeling devil” graphics
-CF Air box/ Sportbike (brand) air filters
-CF lower belly pan
-CF heel guards
-CF chain guard and rear tire hugger
-CF wheels/ front and rear
-CF stock type mirrors (hard to find)
-CF exhaust pipe guard
-CF Terminongi Exhaust
-CF cam belt covers
-CF oil cooler cover

Additional Parts and Equipment:

-rear wheel stand
-front wheel stand
-rear subframe stand
-OEM front forks
-OEM rear shock
-Ferraci clip ons
-Stock foot pegs
-Stock passenger pegs
-Bi posto seat with new ultra suede seat covers/ both
-CF Bi posto seat cover
-OEM front fender
-OEM exhausts mufflers
-CF fuel cap
-OEM steel clutch cover
-Extra top triple clamps
-separate belly pan
-extra OEM front fairing
-RH side fairing
-blacked out OEM windscreen

Too many other bits and pieces too list.

Over $40k into it. The selling price is $20k. If you want more details and pictures, I have them.

Modified by sfo423 at 11:20 AM 6/23/2005
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Re: One-off 853... (sfo423)

is this kenny dreer? shame yer selling a bike you just put together! when can we expect to see the new nortons on the road? cheers!
Nice, I thought those flames looked familiar, read the article on the plane yesterday. GL with the sale. Very sweet bike.

Re: One-off 853... (sfo423)

To all that replied. If you like the bike but hate the paint, new paint (your choice) can be included in the selling price.

No Earl Scheib BS here, 100% professional.
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