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In another thread bsess asked me for some info on what’s happening over here in the BSB? Well, below is my opinion.

Hawk Kawasaki say they have only just received some form of factory backing which I find a little strange as I’m sure Kawasaki would have given them a deal somewhere down the line in the past. Anyway, Kawasaki shot to fame last year with Scott Smart elevating the squad from a reasonable team to a regular podium getter, throwing in the odd win. The thing is, Smart looked to be the man who happened to gel perfectly with the machine, besides being a clever technician when it comes to mapping and such like. He played a big part in the machines development and now he’s gone to Suzuki, who knows how well they will do. They have two Australian riders in Glen Richards and new signing Dean Thomas, who has an outrageous hang out riding style…still fast. Somehow I just can’t see this pair threatening the championship, as good as they are. MSS Kawasaki, a sister team, have now moved into Superbikes with French rider Julien Da Costa, a very good rider indeed, but can he do it in this series, I don’t think so.

Smart has moved to Rizla Suzuki, alongside champion John Reynolds, replacing Yukio Kagayama who’s now with Corser in WSBK. If my Kawasaki theory is true, I don’t expect Smart to be as successful as he was with the Kwak. But the Suzuki outfit is probably the most pro outfit in the UK, no wonder team boss Paul Denning went to run the Suzuki Moto GP team. It’s also worth considering that the Suzuki is all new for 05 and it did take a few years to get where they were last year, so who knows how this will turn out. I know Reynolds personally and he will give his team mate no quarter, I’ve seen it over the years with many of John’s team mates. As long as the bike is good off the blocks then Reynolds is still the man to beat, no question.

Honda threw all kinds of money at the blade last year and Rutter had his chances and could have won the series. Some pundits think he’s had his chance but the pressure is now off him, well possibly, and he could be the man to make that season long bid. Ryuichi Kiyonari was blowing hot and cold and many think he will be a contender. I’m not so sure about that. I’m also not sure about Karl Harris, who blew everyone away to win last year’s Supersport championship on the Honda. His reward is a full Honda Superbike berth, but he was in Superbikes before and I’m not sure how he will go.

I notice that the Paul Bird’s signing of Jeremy McWilliams is on the official Honda web site and that makes me wonder if Honda are getting free publicity from the signing, I mean, after all Paul Birds Monster mob team are not Honda’s official entry. Bird has three riders this year, the other two being Gary Mason, who takes a fair amount of sponsorship money to the team and Michael Laverty who rode well for the team last year in the Supersport class. The McWilliams deal is reported to be for two years and I hear he’s been paid handsomely. Bird got rid of the late Steve Hislop after he won the championship because he was too old…..well blow me. Hislop was a legend, more than McWilliams and I’m hearing rumblings about the age thing. Anyway, Bird puts out a really good team and it will be interesting to see if his blade can get one over on the official Honda outfit, it really wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I still don’t like his style of management and I don’t like the way he belittles some people in public. Just because he’s pumping in the money doesn’t give him this right. Anyway, I stress this is just my opinion.

GSE, who pulled the pin on WSBK because of the tire rule, are back in the UK as the official Ducati entry, vacated by Paul Bird. This highly pro team were responsible in the past for Troy Bayliss, Neil Hodgson, and James Toesland. The team riders are Leon Haslam and James Haydon on the ex Toseland and Laconi 999F04s. As good as these guys are I think they will struggle and when I had a word with Haydon last year and he was at pains to tell me how committed and fit he was. It made me think, was he trying to convince himself.

Virgin Yamaha signed Sean Emmett before the last BSB round last year. Well, Paul Bird made it plain he didn’t want Emmett. He even said on camera, talking with Shane Byrne, he said Shane would have won more on his bike. Anyway, Emmett was going around the last round with big smile on his face, sorted for the following year. Virgin boss Rob Mac seen the trouble Emmett had with the Ducati and snapped him up double quick. Emmett could challenge as many people think the Yamaha has more to come, much more. I also hear they have been trying a big bang type engine although it could just be a different firing order and I wonder about the legality of this. They also have Tommy Hill who outshone the more experienced Steve Plater who is now with Dienza Kawasaki, an unknown quantity.

Oh, only the two Ducati’s, how things change.

John McGuinness, the outright Isle of Man TT lap record holder, is definitely coming to Daytona on a Yamaha. It could be the 04 updated/uprated machine. McGuinness will also compete in the BSB and will be the official Yamaha entry for the major road races like the TT.
Rider Team Machine
1 John Reynolds (GB) Rizla Suzuki Suzuki GSX R
2 Michael Rutter (GB) HM Plant Honda Honda CBR RR
4 Steve Plater (GB) Dienza Performance Kawasaki ZX-10
5 Sean Emmett (GB) Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha YZF R1
6 Gary Mason (GB) Monstermob-Stobart Honda Honda CBR RR
8 Tommy Hill (GB) Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha YZF R1
9 Karl Harris (GB) Honda Racing Honda CBR RR
10 Jon Kirkham (GB) Dienza Performance Kawasaki ZX-10
11 Ben Wilson (GB) Vivaldi Racing Kawasaki ZX-10
12 Dean Thomas (AUS) Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX-10
14 John Laverty (IRL) Vitrans Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR RR
15 Dean Ellison (GB) Jentin Racing Yamaha YZF R1
16 C Gareth Glynn (GB) Jentin Racing Yamaha YZF R1
17 Tristan Palmer (GB) Vivaldi Racing Kawasaki ZX-10
19 Nick Medd (GB) ARCO Medd Racing Kawasaki ZX-10
21 C Malcolm Ashley (GB) MAR Kawasaki ZX-10
23 Ryuichi Kionari (J) HM Plant Honda Honda CBR RR
24 Richard Wren (GB) Virgin Mobile Yamaha Yamaha YZF R1
25 Dennis Hobbs (GB) Nvidia GR Motorsport Yamaha YZF R1
26 C Chris Martin (GB) Carmasters Racing Suzuki GSX R
33 Michael Laverty (IRL) Monstermob-Stobart Honda Honda CBR RR
36 James Haydon (GB) GSE Racing Ducati 999 F-04
37 C Danny Beaumont (GB) JJL Racing Honda CBR RR
43 C Howie Mainwaring (GB) Bill Smith Racing Yamaha YZF R1
44 John McGuiness (GB) AIM Racing Yamaha YZF R1
50 C Steve Brogan (GB) PR Branson Honda Honda CBR RR
56 C James Buckingham (GB) Quay Racing Suzuki GSX R
65 Jonathan Rea (IRL) Red Bull Honda Honda CBR RR
74 Kieran Clarke (GB) SMR Honda Honda CBR RR
75 Glen Richards (AUS) Hawk Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX-10
77 C Marty Nutt (IRL) Nuttravel.com Racing Honda CBR RR
86 Julien Da Costa (F) MSS Discovery Racing Kawasaki ZX-10
88 Scott Smart (GB) Rizla Suzuki Suzuki GSX R
91 Leon Haslam (GB) GSE Racing Ducati 999 F-04
TBA J. McWilliams Monstermob-Stobart Honda Honda CBR RR
TBA TBA Colin Appleyard Racing TBA

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Re: One for bsess or any others interested in BSB racing. (Harvey T.)

Thanks HArvey, good info. Have you heard of Bruce Anstey? Any idea what hes got planned, he rode for Suzuki at Isle of Man, and has been the man to beat in NZ champs.

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Re: One for bsess or any others interested in BSB racing. (kiwigav)

Dean Thomas.. he sure has something japanese on his style


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Re: One for bsess or any others interested in BSB racing. (Harvey T.)

Thanks for the informative post!

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Re: One for bsess or any others interested in BSB racing. (Harvey T.)

thanks for the info!!

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Nice update. Funny that Appleyard hasn't announced his rider(s). I always got the impression he was about as professional a tier 2 team as you could get.

I think the Rizla boys will be right on it with the '05 Gixxer. The Yosi boys seem to have a handle on theirs pretty well already.

Emmett and Haydon seem like real headcases.

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Re: (stk0308)

Bruce Anstey, now he’s one fast road racer and took the Triumph to victory at the TT a couple of years back. Some people think he just pushes things that little bit more than most are prepared to do on the roads.

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Re: (Harvey T.)

He has been very impressive over here on a GSXR1000 basically leaving defending champ Andrew Stroud well behind. He rode for TAS Suzuki last year and looks to be back with them for 2005 at IOM.

From the IOM website
"Kiwi star Bruce Anstey lines up in the blue and white colours of TAS Suzuki for the second year in succession after enjoying a brilliant 2004. Five podiums in five races at last year’s TT, including a win in the 1000cc Production class, further highlighted his credentials. Renowned for being a very hard racer, this year should see a repeat performance with a first Superbike win being top of the agenda. He will be in contention for a win in every race and few will bet against him adding to his already impressive tally of results."
Was wondering if he's doing any racing on the mainland?

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Re: (kiwigav)

I wish Speed TV would televise the BSB series here in the states. I pick up the British sportbike rags from time to time and the BSB series looks to be at least on a par with AMA SUperbike. Oh well

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Re: (GregP)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by GregP »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">I wish Speed TV would televise the BSB series here in the states. I pick up the British sportbike rags from time to time and the BSB series looks to be at least on a par with AMA SUperbike. Oh well
I'd say the BSB series is better than the AMA. More comepetitive teams, more manufacturers, better racing, a Privateers Cup race within the Superbike races, and better tracks for racing.

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Re: (GregP)

The BSB series smokes the AMA series hands down IMO. They've got factory support on par with WSB teams, better riders, better tracks and a sanctioning body that doesn't have its head up its ass. Unfortunatley, AMA Pro Racing is a third rate sanctioning body that is completely out of touch with the riders, fans and manufacturers. Any sanctioning body that changes the rules over and over and which in effect discourages manufacturers from entering teams (Yamaha, Kawasaki) is pretty piss poor.

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Re: (snowboarder)

Kiwigav, Bruce does not race on the mainlad. Martin Finnegan, one of the top road racers, is down for the Superstock championship, tough stuff. He's with a good team, Vitrans.
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