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I wanted one of these cause I liked how it used the stock square taillight as it's unique to RC's and I wanted to keep that.

So I had to buy a used one since they don't make them anymore and wondering if anyone has instructions?

If not it's all pretty self explanatory the only real question I have is how the stock taillight is suppose to be mounted to the undertail? I can come up with my own way but would like to know how they said to do it.


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They never really made instructions that fit the SP2 model. Everyone that I have heard that bought one for an SP2, it came with SP1 brackets and instructions. There is also no cut out for the ecu hump on the right side.

When I had mine, I cut the oem fender and relocated the ecu further back in the trunk, kinda like where it is on the SP1's. The undertail covered the hole where the ecu hump was. If yours already has a hole, then you don't need to worry about that.

As for mounting the stock tail light. I used the plastic bracket that came with the kit, but I had to modify it and add some pieces to get it to work. And it barley worked and looked like shit. If I had kept mine I would have bent up some brackets with some 1/16th inch flat bar stock aluminum from home depot and . The place where you can mount the brackets is where the stock fender mounts to the subframe. There are long anchor nuts attached to the subframe and bolts go through the fender into the subframe (heads face outwards). You can get longer screws that go all the way through the anchor nuts and stick out inside the subframe. Attach the brackets here and put nuts on the exposed ends of the screws.

If you have an SP1 I can't help you, but hopefully you can find instructions that will.
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