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While my 996 project is still fluid, I've been toying with the idea to switch from the stock Ducati 996 cast wheels to a set of pimped out wire wheels. Yeah, yeah, I know...but the wire sheels will fit into my retro nakend look conversion for the 996 so nicely.

The big issue is simply WEIGHT. The Sport Classic wheels are REALLY heavy...and this does NOT fit in with my plans for an stripped down, lightweight bike.

So....I think I can persuade BST to build me a set of carbon rims drilled for spokes, but the real weight in these wheels is in the wire spokes. So....how about a set of larger diameter (for sufficient strength) titanium spokes?
Does anyone custom make spokes in titanium?

What are the pitfalls, other than the reduced strength vs steel spokes (and hopefully overcome with larger diameter wire)?

Any ideas, thoughts from the folks that know enough about the relative characteristics of titanium in this application? (and I understand that super-lightweight bicycle ti spokes have given trouble, so I would ensure that the spoke diameter is sufficiently strong and NOT push the boundaries as much as race bicycles!)

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I believe Talon had some hybrid ti spokes for dirt wheels and maybe the Supermoto guys could help out as they use spoked wheels also. May also want to try Excel Takasago as they may have made some ti spokes also. If they're good enough for the best MX/SX racers they should be plenty good enough for you.:woot:
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