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I know, I know. I'm sorry, but this isn't like any of the dozen threads in the search.
I have a few specific questions that I didn't see addressed in the other threads.
I'm trying to decide between the Performance Friction 95 pad and the Ferodo XR.
I'm currently using the EBC HH pad and the initial bite is better than stock, but still a little weak for my taste - that, and, the feel is about as telling as a piece of wood.
My queries are:
1, Which pad offers better initial bite? (Does anyone have the respective co efficents of frictions for either pad?)
2, Better feel/modulation and would work on the street and track?
3, Is either pad hard(er) on rotors than the other?
4, When people talk about cast iron rotors are they talking about "ductile iron" rotors or not? what material is issued to make OEM rotors?
Thank you.
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