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We all missed these... Now, there back! Finally you don't have to ride pigeon toed to shift your bike.

SR Offset reverse shift lever

Offset reverse billet shift lever. Perfect for Monster,SS , and superbikes with fairings that are too close to the shifter.

Don't get your foot caught in a minor lowside. Get better shifts and positioning.

In the original shift pattern, if you down shift into a left hand turn, you run a higher chance of catching a toe, or the shift lever on the ground- which increases your chances for a low side. With the GP shift pattern you are now pulling the shifter up and away from the pavement, and decreasing your chances of catching anything on the pavement. On a straight away, its alot easier to pound down on the gears.

The direct shift with out the linkage is much more positive as well with no slop. The offset design allows for more fairing clearance and allows for a more natural foot position.
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