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Well not sure how many of you are into Drag Racing but I have some electronics that would work for both bike and car. For those of you that are also into cars I have some of that stuff for sale as well. I was going to put this into the "for sale" but since it's not all motorcycle stuff I decided not to. Any how this is the stuff I got up for auction, just click the description and get forwarded to the ebay site, I will end the auction early so if you want to IM me with a price feel free. Anyhow, thanks for looking.

Dedenbear RTD-6 Delay box

Dedenbear TSC-2 Duel stage timer (throttle stop timer)

Shifnoid RPM Switch with Delay and Shifnoid Adjust-A-Chip

Lunati BBC Roller cam and Doug Herbert Roller lifters

RJS 5pt 3inc Racing Harness (seat belts) Cam-lock style BLACK

RJS Cam-lock style 5pt 3inch Harness (seat belts) BLUE

Autometer 5inch "Sport-Comp" tach

Autometer "Pro-Comp" liquid filled Temp Guage 2 5/8 diameter

System-One reusable racing style BBC oil Filter

C.A.T. "fluidamper" style BBC 6.25 diamter Harmonic Balancer

Manley 6.535 long 7075 T-6 BBC aluminum Rods

Thanks for looking!
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