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Hi everyone. We are only 1/2 full for our track day at VIR (North Course) on Tuesday, November 8th with www.cornerspeed.net . To try to get more sign-ups, we've come up with the following special group rates.

Group of 5 - One person rides 1/2 price - sign up 4 friends at $185 each and you get a $92.50 savings you can take yourself or split among the whole group.

Group of 6 - One person rides FREE - sign up 5 friends at $185 each and you get to ride free of charge or split the savings among the whole group.

Signups are directly through Cornerspeed's website. If you are doing a group signup, please send all names together. Ducatis not required!

Also, please note that we are having a special Pit Bike Demonstration Lap (we are not allowed to call it a race but there will be a trophy presentation) at the lunch break. This was a highlight of last year's event and I'm sure that there will be alot more folks taking part this year.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

Susie and Bruce Meyers
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