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NGR Slipper Clutch w/ Plates

Sale Price: $899.99
List Price: $1,150.00

Fits all Dry clutch Ducati's.
Includes aluminum friction plates and both large and small clutch hub nuts to fit all Ducati dry clutch. Designed to work with all OEM aluminum clutch baskets. If your original aluminum basket is worn or if you have a steel basket- an optional aluminum clutch basket available.
The new patented design NGR slipper clutch has a very smooth positive feel on engagement and is easily adjustable for slip. It is highly recomended for racing because of its positive engagement under hard starts.

a. Patented slipper action - rotation not sliding

b. 6 sphere/6 ramp mechanism

Sphere/ramp fitted into clutch hub column & controlled by choice of race, road or
touring preload springs
Unique anti-friction under hub control ring

c. Patented adjustable slipper action race/road/touring

Easy & quick spring change & adjustment
Race, road & touring springs supplied with clutch

d. No spider spring, no return spring failures

e. No start-off shudder

f. Uses NGR lightweight clutch basket or OEM basket

g. High quality solid billet -7000 series

h. Uses NGR special lightweight clutch pack or OEM clutch plates

i. Lightweight - 970gr (approx. 60gr less than normal slippers)

j. Long lasting & reliable as components are subject to less mechanical wear as in
normal 6 or 4 spring slipper clutches
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