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And still a conventional fork in this day and time? Geez, is Triumph trying to copy Kawi's original Concours model concept? :woot:
Triumph's conventional fork (think back to Daytona 600, 650, Speed Four) is a pretty kick ass fork.

USD forks don't offer any real advantage on a road bike. And they have some non-trivial disadvantages. You have to design the fender to protect the entire male slider portion of the fork from road debris. You have to have great fat triple clamps and limited steering lock. For what? Slightly less unsprung mass? Why does that matter on a sport tourer that handles well already?

So you have to ask yourself, do you want to impress spec sheet wannabes with your bike? Or do you just want it to work the best that it can? I'd take a Triumph right side up fork over a Kawasaki USD fork any day. And for a sport tourer, I'd take wider steering lock and better slider protection from pits and dings over lower unsprung mass, higher torsional rigidity, and pose value.

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