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Re: New track coming to SLC, Utah? (Dave)

Man!!! There are so many different ways to run that course that you could run a different course each day of the week!! When do they plan to open for business???

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Re: New track coming to SLC, Utah? (E-Man)

It is true!!!!

I was at a meeting last month when Larry Miller (owner of the Utah Jazz) introduced the crowd to track designer Alan Wilson. The same man who designed Barber, Mid-America, Beaverun and was involved with Las Vegas, Laguna Seca and Daytona. He has designed the track to meet AMA regulations with an emphasis towards motorcycle safety. Interesting because Larry Miller, who is putting about $15 million into it in just the first year, races cars not bikes. In fact Miller has 11 Ford Cobras and 3 Ford GT40s that he ships all over the world just to satisfy his racing addiction.

At the meeting, you could sense his passion and dedication towards the track. It will be a first class track and he is really pushing for it to open this year
. The weather is the factor that will determine if it happens. We have had a record snow year (the ski areas currently have a 140" to 220" base depth of snow) and even though the area the track will be built at is fairly dry, the spring run off could play a factor in the track construction.

Miller Motorsports Park will essentially be 4 tracks in 1 and I was talking to the president of Utah Sportbike Association and they are looking at getting a local racing series sanctioned by someone like CCS or WERA. We could have 4 different races all held at the same track.

Another thing that is kinda cool is; once the track is established there is no reason that they couldn't run a track day on Saturday and then go snowbarding on Sunday. The track is about an hour and half from my house and we are up to our necks in snow, Park City Mountain Resort currently has a 142" base, meanwhile out in the valley where the track will be there isn't any snow at all, bone dry. Drag knees on Saturday, drag knuckles on Sunday!

For more info on the track http://www.lhmse.com/mmPark


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Re: New track coming to SLC, Utah? (Quac)

I read about it in the newest RRW
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