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I have had passenger pegs on my bike with Banzais, here is some info for those of you thinking about these peg adapters:

First off, I didn't have these plates, I just used 1 original mount hole and a piece of aluminum scrap to angle the peg forward (yes you have to switch the pegs left and right). A half ass solution but it worked for me.

Now if you want to do it correctly and make it look nice, I'd order these plates. I only put rear pegs on because my girlfriend really, really, really, really, really wanted to go for a ride. She ended up loving being on the back of the RC, which sucks because it is horrible for 2up riding.

Yes the pass. pegs got in the way of my feet just a LITTLE bit (i wear sz. 45 A* SMX +) when you have proper foot position on the pegs, but for normal 2 up riding it shouldn't be a problem at all, unless you have huge feet. At least it wasn't a big problem for me.

So all in all, if you want passenger pegs with highmounts, you don't have many options. No the solution isn't perfect, but you are starting with a shitty 2 up bike to begin with and adding high mount pipes which makes a terrible situation twice as bad. So its a wonder you can even fit pegs on there at all.

Myself regarding girlfriend on the back: at takeoff- :) 10min later- :( 30min. later-:banghead

GF's thoughts about riding on the back of the RC- :clapper :rockon :D
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