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Hi all,

I just joined. I have a 97 900CR that I've owned since 99. It has the usual mods - TBR carbon mufflers, K&N filter, no airbox lid, 39 tooth sprocket. I love the bike but don't ride it much. It currently has about 8200 miles.

This year it didn't come out of winter storage very well. It seems I didn't get all the gas drained out of the carbs and they gummed up in spite of the sta-bil. I've got the carbs off, ready for a good cleaning and that brings me to my questions.

First, jetting. My carbs currently have:

32.5 pilots
6110 Y-2 needle jets
needles in middle notch with a 0.51mm steel washer under the nylon donut
140 mains
70 "starter jet" (Haynes terminology - I never heard of a starter jet before)
float level 10mm
fuel mixture screws 1 turn out

Was wondering how this compares with stock and what people usually run on bikes like mine? The bike runs well but is very cold blooded and takes a long time on the choke to warm up. Was thinking of at least trying some richer pilot jets while I've got the carbs apart. I'm in the mile-high Denver area BTW (Boulder actually).

Also is there anyone who sells carb rebuild kits or do I just have to go buy all the pieces individually from my dealer?


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Re: New member, with questions (debby)

Welcome to the site. I used a Dynojet kit on my 95 900SS/SP and it cured it being cold blooded. Mine was spot on perfect as far as carburation goes after that, but I'm at about 575 ft of elevation and not 5000 ft.

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Re: New member, with questions (Phil 998)

The Dynojet kit works well. Use the Stage I kit. I have Dynojet 142 main jets but I'm just outside Phila. You may need smaller MJ's. My Ian Falloon Ducati Restoration book lists 37.5 pilot jets as the stock setting, so going larger may be worth a try. Don't know about carb rebuild kits -- what is it you need to replace?
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