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New member and also looking to contact PDFRUTH

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Hey all, new member with a 2002 SP2 RC51, I friggin love it. I'm also looking to get a message / email to pdfruth. He knows electronics crazy well, he had somewhat of a schematic on the CDI converter box for the RC51, I wanted to pick his brain on the box, get some surface mount information from him. That and he used to be local to me in Colorado.

So a big HELLO to all, and if someone knows pdfruth if he could send me a message, or I could send him one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Patrick 3032048142 cell patrickkcase at gmail
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Welcome to the forum!
Good luck!
I looked him up and it seems he hasn;t been active here since 2018. You might try sending him a PM. Many times members drift away but their PM notifications are still on & they get the message.
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