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NEW Ducati (Dainese) Scudetto suit FOR SALE. Size 52 euro, color black

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I bought a new Ducati Scudetto (Dainese) suit a month or so ago for track days as my Vanson Suit no longer fit. Now that I've actually tried the suit on with me on the bike it does not fit me so well. I have never ridden in the suit since I only use full suits on the track and my assorted Vanson Leathers on the street. So this suit is BRAND NEW! I have found another Dainese suit that works better for me so in order to purchase that one I am selling the Scudetto suit. I am asking $995 or b/o plus actual shipping charges. If the suit is unsold by the end of this weekend I will be listing it on ebay at the same price. Thanks, Chris. Oh yeah, I can e-mail you some photo's if you would like visual proof. [email protected]

Modified by Ducaholic at 3:01 AM 4/15/2005
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Re: NEW Ducati (Dainese) Scudetto suit FOR SALE. Size 52 euro, color black (Ducaholic)

Hey Chris, where are you? I may be interested. Please e-mail me at bernfeldatearthlinkdotnet
Re: NEW Ducati (Joe B)

Joe, sent you a e-mail and a few pics as well.
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