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NEW Alpinestars GPU one piece Black- 38us 48euro

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So here is the deal. I bought this through the DML group by. I used the alpinestars size chart and still managed to mess up the sizing - it is so short, that I couldn't even get it over 1 shoulder. So now I need to sell it so I can buy the proper sized one.

Has some armor and what not - read here http://www.motostrano-store.com/gpusuit.html

I paid $522 shipped for this through the DML group buy.
MSRP $679
motostrano.com $611+shipping
calsportbike $599 shipped.

I am only asking what I paid $522 shipped which is still a bit cheaper than anywhere.

Obviously this suit is brand new, it has only been half on a body. haha. It is the all black 1 piece and is US 38 Euro 48.

First person with the $$ takes it - I need to get rid of it quick so I can get the proper size order in time for the riding season (which has already started) SO help me out!

Call me at 812.968.4717
email me at [email protected]
pm me
write a letter
have your mom call

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Alright - I've put it on ebay.

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