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Need your opinions. Slow leak

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I discovered that my rear tire has a slow leak today. About 2 .psi every 3+ hours or so.

I examined the tire today and could not find any nails, screws, or any foreign objects lodged in the tire but is definitely a slow leak. It's really weird. The tire only has about 500 street miles on it.

I was thinking about using some 'Flat Fix' tomorrow just to get it through the first part of winter and was wondering if any of you have any experience with that. I just want to keep the tire on there until I swap it out for my Jennings track day in January I will eventually put a new tire on there but didn't want to throw it on so early.

Anybody ever used Flat Fix on a motorcycle tire before?
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check the valve stem. The rubber one deteriorate over time and can leak, crud can get stuck in the valve and cause a leak, or the core can loosen and cause a leak as well.

I was thinking this as well. It could very well be the valve stem and it is rubber.

Also I didn't consider the mess that I would encounter when I change the tire if I use Fix-a-flat. lol

See that's why I come here. Thanks.
Take off the valve stem cap and spread a little spit on the top of the stem to see if its leaking there. If so, pull the Schrader valve and clean it with WD40.
Thanks. I'm going to give that a shot.
YEah, it's a really slow leak. I filled it up to 39psi yesterday around 5pm and this morning was at 29psi. So it's about 10psi every 15 hours. So it does seem like it's coming from the valve stem/core.
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