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Anybody know of a good shop in so cal? Scott would be my first choice, but he's like 2 hours away from me. I would sooner drive to LA than San Diego. I'm in the Inland Empire area, near the 15 between the 10 and the 60. The repair is a pretty basic insurance repair, 90% of the damage is on the fairings. It was a tip over, into some gravel and brick :banghead. I could just say hell with it and send it to a dealer, but to be honest I don't trust any of the dealers around here to even hook my blinkers back up correctly. That, and I need someone that can work with me, and think outside of the box a little...one of my Banzai's has a few nicks and dings in it. The can isn't that bad, but I still want it replaced. Obviously they don't make those anymore, so we're going to have to either get an estimate for the parts and have the insurance just pay me out on that, or, preferably, just order another set of cans from somebody. I've been thinking about a set of Simon's GP cans.

Anyone have any recommendations? If nothing good comes up, then I'm gonna start tryin' to comission a friend who will pick me up from San Diego, hahaha. I'm sure the insurance company would tow it, but I want to meet with whoever is doing the repair face to face so we can discuss what needs to be done.

Thanks for any input!
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