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My wife's crazy soccer-playing puppy

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Crazy dog LOVES to dribble the ball back to us...over and over and over again. Completely self taught. It's cute to watch the stupid mutt!

YouTube - My crazy soccer-playing dog!
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Dog is obviously more of a Motor of Death dog than a Big Bang V4 kinda of dog. Just saying...........:eek:
Man, now you mention it, I'm gonna have to train him to run with all four legs hitting the ground together, in the ultimate big bang mode. Not like that little RC45 screamer mode he's currently doing.... ;)
Nice. Here is my v-twin powered one:
Lovely dog! Can see he enjoys the beach, eh!

Back in South Africa, we used to take our 2 dogs to the beach quite regularly. The wife's dog was a stupid damned dog with 3 brain cells. He first used to steal kids hamburgers right out there hands on the beach when folks were barbecuing, so then I took to feeding him before we arrived. Bad idea...he then used to press a huge dump on the sand next to the lifeguards. He also pissed on some huge dude's back while he was building sandcastles with his toddler daughter. That was a fast getaway!

Here's my 2 dogs from South Africa. The one on the left is my wife's dumb 3 braincell dog. My smart, intelligent, proud, faithful, Doberman-cross-Rottweiler female "Lexi" is on the right.... :)

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