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I had a 94 and LOVED it untill it just kept leaking, Traded for a boat and almost sank that POS!

I hate boats!


Not to laugh at>You< but I'm just Laughing at how dam Disgusted You sound here Bro....

So Whitw., let me get this straight, YOU traded Your 94 VFR that You Loved,... For a Boat because the VFR was leaking, then you bring your New (to you) boat out and it almost sinks!:eek: LMAO but WTF Whitw.. :confused:
FWIW & FYI: You're NOT supposed to forget, Installing your boat's Drain plug mang.:p

So, Your 94 VFR, what was it leaking, fuel, oil, fork oil, brake fluid, coolant or other?

By the way, do You still have said boat, Maybe you might want to trade it for a 94VFR? :D
21 - 25 of 25 Posts