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My Day at Duc Pond Racing (Larry Pegram's Ex Racebike and the 53,000 mile 748)

I spent all day Saturday with one of my sponsors, Duc Pond Racing, wrenching on my 853 trying to get to the bottom of the oil blowby problem. Donnie's name has spread fast, so he has a lot of customer bikes to take care of so I did most of the work on my bike. Throughout the day(9:30 to 5:30) I took portions of the bike apart looking for clues and problems with Donnie’s guidance. We checked the compression, timing, valves, oil flow threw the cams, etc...Unfortunately our check stopped at checking the valves…we didn’t physically take the cylinder heads off.

Well, I test rode the bike yesterday and BANG-SNAP-CRACKLE-CLANG…something let go big time in the horizontal cylinder…you can’t miss the sound now. I’m so frustrated right now…I missed a great opportunity to possibly get a podium spot and some serious points at Road Atlanta over the weekend. My teammate won HWT SS by 26 seconds and HVWT SB by 1 LAP. I usually run 2 to 6 seconds behind him...I seriously could cry right now

<U>Well, I guess you know what I'll be doing this next weekend...I'll shoot for the next round at CMP on the 23rd and 24th

<U>One of Donnie's customer's recently perchased one of Larry Pegram's ex- superbike racebikes...start drooling</U>

<U>That's right, a 998RS, straight from the Ducati Factory. Assembled behind the "Corse" double doors that they don't let you peak behind on the factory tour. I've never seen so much carbon fiber and magnesium on one bike before.</U>

<U>Magnesium tripple tree with all of the offset markers and that absolutely gorgeous Magnetti Marnelli display.</U>

<U>Check out the data port for the bike's telemetry. There were telemetry wires running everywhere. I love the break away levers too.</U>

<U>Yuuuummmy. The fork set-up alone is probably worth more than my bike. Lovely!</U>

<U>The diameter of the exhaust was unreal, the photos don't do it justice</U>

<U>Check out how tall the sidewalls on the tires are...I've never seen anything like that before. That corsa axle is crazy too, the diameter is mega large.</U>

<U>I've never seen those types of nuts that are on the hub assembly, they don't have the normal flat sides.</U>

<U>Check out that gear shift lever...crazy adjustment. You can also see some of the telemetry wiring along the frame.</U>

<U>The same guy that owns the 998RS above owns the Troll Super Twin too. Awesome bike.</U>

<U>I think that there are only a dozen of these in the country</U>

<U>Check out the trick frame, swing arm, and exhaust...the bracket for the rear set is sick</U>

<U>Donnie's National Championship winning bike. I know that he won at Daytona 3 times, not sure how many times with this bike.</U>

<U>The other highlight of my day was meeting one of Donnie's new customers. She purchased the 748 pictured below in '97 and has put over 53,000 mileson it. Now that's kick ass

I had a great time hanging out with Donnie and wrenching on my own bike. I learned a lot this weekend for sure about working on the bike.

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Re: My Day at Duc Pond Racing (Tifosi)

That RS looks sweet! Thnaks for the pics! Thats got to be worth a bit of cash! WOW!!!

Bummer about your bike! If you need a hand with any of it just ask! Would love to help out!

My friend darin also had a ruff time at summit Yesterday http://speedzilla.zeroforum.co...03331..

Well a few poeple I know had a bad day. I'm sure you know Lizzy from the Dcsportbikes site. She got hurt bad. Another friend went down in T1 he was ok just the bike was a mess!

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Re: My Day at Duc Pond Racing (superbike2001)

I think that Donnie said that the RS was like $40K.

Yeah, I'm so sorry about Sherry. From what everybody has said she has been flying this year. I watched her a lot last season and I was impressed.

Me and one of my good friends are going to send her some get well soon flowers this week.

I'll let you know about the bike, I just hope that not too much is mashed up,


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Re: My Day at Duc Pond Racing (Tifosi)

Yea, she had picked up quite a bit of speed this past weekend! Looking alot faster for sure. It's to bad about the crash!

Let me know if you need a hand with the ducati!
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