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Thermosman suspension that is
He re-worked the forks few weeks back and I got the Penske rear shock on 2 weeks ago. I've only rode it maybe 2 times then the Hurricane hit. I fiddled with it enough to have a few fast street moments on it. Damn, good suspension is like nothing else. Stock crap is just that CRAP! I rode the thing at the NESBA Barber day and came away with blisters on my hands trying to hang on to the thing in stock form. Now even on the street (crappy roads) the bike handles wonderful! 600's are so weak the 750 is the shitz! I love it. Man it comes on the pipe so sweet off the turns now, rear squats, Rear Michelin squirms a second then it's hooked and planing out like a speed boat on the water. Floating the front a couple inches off the ground and the steering is to die for going in. I'm back! God I knew what I was missing all along and it feels great to have this bike right now. Took it saturday and had some more fuel pumped into the mapping, the intake growl now really comes on at 9k rpm's. Dumb guy at the shop was watching me do the mapping and ask me "dude when ya gettin a pipe" I looked at him and said what for? Man your missing out on all the power it can make. I said sure it might make a few more ponies with a pipe but I'm broke I just dumped a load of cash into the suspension. Idgit looked at me like I was crazy. I said it's twice as fast now with the suspension redone than a stupid loud ass pipe could ever make it. Kills me how they all think power before hadling. Modern 750 makes more power stock than 99% can handle. I then told him I am taking pipe donations

He then asked me how I peeled the sidewalls on the rear tire. Smokey? I leaned it over
He still at this point had never even looked at the front tire, Barber works a front like no other track. Complete fools around here I tell you.

I can't wait for the trackday at Road Atlanta in November. Then it's onto Talladega in Dec. for another roost. I'll be going with a bunch of 600's again, bye bye guys....again 750 will be a rocket down the 1 mile long back straight at RA. I still have to get the front brakes sorted out. I am getting the notorious suzuki radial master cylinder fade once the system gets hot.

Street riding freaks me out on this bike. I keep thinking man I am going to fast on this thing. NOTE to self, slow down time......
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