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MILLVILLE — New Jersey Motorsports Park’s idea was to build three tracks near the Lightning course, but the plan for “Field of Dreams” now includes two tracks near the Thunderbolt course.
Park officials unveiled an altered plan for a motocross racing facility called “Field of Dreams” before the Millville Planning Board earlier this month. The application will now go before the City Commission on Jan. 5 and then back to the board for more review.
The twin “Field of Dreams” tracks — along with restrooms, bleachers and other racing-related buildings, such as a timing tower — would be built on a 10-acre parcel of land. Although the motocross tracks were part of the park’s general development plan, the location of the tracks changed in the new application.
Originally, plans put the tracks on the opposite side of the street from NJMP, but park officials say the poor economy has prevented such an extensive expansion.
The commission will have to decide whether it accepts the change in the development plan. If it does, the plan will go back to the Planning Board for preliminary and final site-plan approvals, although no times have been set for those meetings.
Park officials first presented the idea of building motocross tracks near its existing tracks more than a year ago. Park official Don Fauerbach said then that the park had already received approval from the State Police, although all construction requires city approval before moving forward.
With as much positive feedback as the track has received from city officials, drivers and racing fans, so, too, has it received its share of negative attention, especially in regards to noise.
City Zoning Officer Wayne Caregnato told the board the new motocross tracks will not raise the noise levels area residents have complained about, but they will make those levels last longer.
“The new project has a lot going on in a small amount of space,” Caregnato wrote to the board in response to the application.
The public will be allowed to address the Planning Board about its concerns if the application reaches the approval stages.
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