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Moving to Guam, need to sell extra parts!

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I'm moving to Guam soon and need to sell these parts that I acquired while building my RC51.

These are not perfect, have bit o rash, scratches and dents. Make reasonable offer!
-STOCK SEAT- $20+shipping
-EUROTAIL UNDERTAIL- Uses stock taillight. I have the other lense and light mounting hardware. Comes with factory pigtails for the T/S. 70+shipping
-SP1 FACTORY HEADER- No rust no dings good to go! Make offer!
-SP2 FACTORY EXHAUST- In very good shape boxed up ready to ship. I got the raw end of the deal on these as i was looking for SP1 stuff...get my drift? Make reasonable offer cause i'm gonna loose either way :(
-FAIRING STAYS. I ended up buying parts lots and got a few to many of these. One is tweaked and was free+shipping so its offered up as that. The next one is tweeked at the base but is completely usable. The last one is perfect. You guys know how much they're worth offer accordingly please. Take a look at the pic's and if you've got question or want more pics please PM me or Email me at [email protected]. Thanks for all the help with my piggy!! Chris

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Forgot to mention the windscreen w/5 fasteners. $20 shipped lower 48
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Would SP1 hesder fit SP2,does it need anything extra to fit!? How much you are asking for it!?
I know the exhaust ports are different, round sp1 oval (d shaped) for the sp2. Then there's an issue with the swingarm clearance.
Just to help out here...

I run and SP2 swinger on my SP1 with SP1 headers and high mounts with no issues

You just cant run SP2 headers with a SP1 swinger

So borislav you can run SP1 headers on your SP2, but like Critals said the exhaust ports are different but do bolt up
Good luck in Guam. I'll be there visiting in the next month.
Thanks 2thmax for the clarification, i know it's been ask a bunch I just didn't want to mislead him for the sake of selling the header....that being said, make a reasonable offer on in and its yours. It's not gold plated...don't be scared :D .
Good luck in Guam. I'll be there visiting in the next month.
thanks Ick, i've got another dive school to go to for the Navy and i'll be out there in March...should be interesting to say the least. I've heard some really good things and some not so good things.
Looks like some good parts and great pricing guys (and gals)! bump...
Best of luck with the part sales and going to Guam. I have to show you this clip. YouTube - Guam Will Capsize - Rep. Hank Johnson Hopefully you'll get a little laugh. :rockon
Well BigWake, at least i can swim if it capsizes...:wtf :rockon and thanks for the bumps, need these parts out of the garage!!!
WW, I think i'll take that as a complement...:D no scam, just parts. I did finally sell my DRZ but the RC51 & TL1000R are going into hibernation in Missouri for a couple of years...:( btw HOOVY, i emailed you back about the parts! Chris

This is what the exhaust setup looked like when I picked up the bike.

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Do you have a picture after the abortion was removed?
you mean pics like this?

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bump....need these parts outa here...make a reasonable offer and its yours. thanks Chris
Hey Chris!!

hey buddy I am sorry I lost the email and have been in the hospital for a week. Resend it I may still be interested in the brace and seat. Chemo brain I forgot all about it too??? :wacky THANKS James
actually, the sp2 headers can be used on an sp1...
Email sent about the SP2 header
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