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Motog Gp Mugellot week.

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Motog Gp Mugello week.

Anyone here going besides me? I need a riding buddy while I'm in Italy that week.

Modified by prince_ruben at 6:02 PM 4/25/2005
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Re: Motog Gp Mugello week. (prince_ruben)

...now thats just bragging.
Re: Motog Gp Mugello week. (yellowduck996)

I will be there with a few friends

Chris Calovini
Sales and Marketing Manager
Cycle Cat
614-577-8080 x 102
[email protected]
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Re: Motog Gp Mugello week. (prince_ruben)

...you really should put a warning in the post description...to be avoided by the extremely jealous...
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