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crash.net said:
Shoya Tomizawa has died as a result of injuries sustained in the Moto2 race earlier today at Misano.

The Japanese - who made history by winning the first ever Moto2 Grand Prix at Qatar and took pole for round two - fell from fourth place and was hit at high speed by Scott Redding and Alex de Angelis.

Tomizawa, sixth in the world championship, was transferred to hospital were he passed away at 14.20 local time.

de Angelis walked away from the huge accident, while Redding continues to receive treatment.

2010 was Tomizawa's second season in grand prix racing, after finishing 17th in the 2009 250cc class.
Same thing that got Lenz :(

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In a terrible twist of faith the street leading to the Santa Monica track is named after another fallen Japanese rider, Daijiro Kato.
This is really a very bad year, we've already had two fatalities at club racing level at Imola, I am at loss for words...

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I watched it Live in the morning and had a sickening feeling that he wasn't going to make it. Seemed like both bikes ran over him one hit him dead on, the 2 second track angle of the video where his limp body was tumbling is playing in my mind over and over.

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The MotoGP.com feed said they were battered and bruised but nothing life threatening. And then.......BAM! Odd that the first thing they mentioned in their official statements is why they didn't throw a red flag. They just kept defending themselves over and over. It was really odd.:confused:

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Another lost to the racing fraternity. hes only 19th and have bright future ahead of him.look like hes following hes mentor Katoh..



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Quote MotoGp Matters

Tragedy has struck the motorcycle racing community for the second time in 8
days. Technomag CIP rider Shoya Tomizawa died in hospital of injuries
sustained in a crash during the Moto2 race at Misano.

The crash happened on lap 12 of the 26 lap race. Tomizawa lost the rear
while pushing hard through turn 11, falling in front of Alex de Angelis and
Scott Redding. Neither rider could avoid the fallen Tomizawa, striking him
hard at the fastest part of the track. Both men also fell, De Angelis
escaping uninjured, while Redding suffered injuries to his hips. Because he
was struck by two bikes, Tomizawa suffered blunt force trauma to the
cranium, thorax and abdomen.

Tomizawa was taken straight from the track to the Hospital of Riccione, but
the 19-year-old Japanese rider was suffering from severe cardiac
instability, and Tomizawa eventually died of heart failure.

Tomizawa low slides...

Redding runs over Tomizawa

DeAngleis runs over Tomizawa

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Quote Dani Pedrosa Misano race winner

"There are no words to say how it feels after
this victory - it feels like nothing. I arrived
at parc fermé very happy with the win and I
immediately felt that the atmosphere among my
mechanics was really strange, everybody was
serious. Still with my helmet on they told me
about Tomizawa and I couldn't react. It was a big
shock, a big contrast for me. I asked three times
if it was true because I couldn't believe it.
It's so sad, terrible, and these things should
never happen. As a person I can only say that he
was a very funny boy, always happy and making
jokes, and as a rider he earned respect from
everybody in a very short time, he was fast and
brave. To lose two riders in a week is terrible
[American Peter Lenz died at Indianapolis last
weekend]. I believe everybody in the World
Championship is feeling the same now and I want
to send my condolences to the family. When you
are born, life gives you the chance to choose
what you want to do. Tomi chose to be a rider and
in fact he was doing great. I just want to think
that he's been happy making his dream come true.
Concerning the race, I want to say thank you
again to my team for doing a great job. The whole
weekend has been perfect: good practices, a very
high pace during the race, and the second win in
a row and the fourth of the season. I want to
keep my feet on the ground though and just
concentrate on one race at a time. The feeling on
the bike is very good now and my goal is to
continue in this way. But to be honest I'm not
really thinking about that at this moment."
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