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moriwaki stage 2 cams

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has anyone on here had any dealings with the moriwaki stage 2 cams ive got the chance of a set of them.
there brand new and possibly the last new ones around they cant tell me any hp or torque gains but the pull from mid range is ment to be fantastic.
apparently these were the cams that moriwaki ran in the suzuka endurance races.
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Plus if anyone here knows anyone personally that is capable of replicating a cam in billet other than Dale, please let me know. I asked Dale already and he had no interest.

Hey Stun-Gun,

The ONLY guy I had talked to here, Who might have a connection for making Cams... Since He and Thorsten were working on it... IS "Cutaway"
But I haven't seem him here in a Friggin' ***** age!:(

About Dale: NOT making anymore cams..... I know he said he wasn't going to make any more Years ago because it was\IS such a PIA.,... trying to sell the cams and all the other parts that go with them, after he's had them made.....
However, He has since, had these Beautiful Billet Cams made atleast ONCE\1 more time.... that I know of, After he said "I'm NOT making anymore Cams" (^_-)
Problem IS,... Everybody wants these "Billet Cams" BUT when they hear the Price, it's like WHOLEY CRAP They are Expensive!
So, everyone wants them, but no one wants to pay for them!

Stun-Gun,.. I Bet.... IF You got acouple\afew guys together, and (You are ALL going to have to be willing to wait, tying up your money, Pay HIM Ahead of time! ;) ) Sent him the Money before hand... I seriously would be willing to bet, He WOULD get these Cams made then, YOU all just have to figure before what "Stage Cam" eh! :twocents ...?

Peace Jeff
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Yeah Stun, like I said... it was a long time ago when Josh and I last talked about it... So I figured it had died... But I brought it up thinking IF you were still in touch with Him... Maybe You could find out WHO or Where he was at with this....?;)

Hey Lou the Guru!

You brought up a Name here, which in turn made Me remember one of the last things I saw that He wrote... about "CAMS"... and an Idea He had but never tried, and FWIW., I thought it was a Great idea!
By the way, JD's idea has to be WELL Over 3 years OLD... +\-

Here's my :twocents About the "Broken Cams": besides RPM, which I'm NOT to sure, how much the RPM's actually has to do with the Cam Breakage...?

Out of ALL the mods., parts, Killer things for ALL MCs., (not just RC51s) The incredible Ideas and work I have seen come from this man... it IS Really Amazing,.. BUT,... He's got 1 idea\Mod. he does, (I don't like at all) and Alot of others have followed doing this mod.,... ("I" personal think, This has MORE to do with the Breakage of cams then even RPM's... again, this IS "MY :twocents ") What I am talking about is Thorsten's "Quiteing Gear" mod.,

"I" would NEVER do this mod., because, I think there's Too Much Vibration & NOISE {I sure Most of us know, "Noise" IS Vibration correct}... After this stuff is removed, there IS ALOT more Noise... YES, you're making it lighter, BUT....
When push comes to Shove... When You start digging in and asking around, I think You WILL find, the huge majority of the Broken CAMS have had their quiteing Gears removed!
Think about it...

What do You think Lou?

OH Yeah, before I forget,.. The broken Cam on JD's dyno... YEP,.. You guessed it... mod'd quiteing gears. ;)

Peace Jeff
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If you haven't installed Ti rods and lightened the crank to balance the whole assy., then there shouldn't be any problem with going with a lighter flywheel and stator. It's when you go crazy with taking weight off of all the reciprocating mass possible that the results might create havoc.

NO No.... Wait a second Lou.... Hey Kurt, Don't listen to Lou,.. He don't know what he's talking about here.. You know.. His :twocents

NOW I on the other hand,.. I would HAVE to say... Those parts you're talking about there... They are just TOO Light = No good.... Let ME help You out mang., I'll take them off your hands for You! I'll even give you 80% of what You paid for them...;)

I Hope this Helps You out mang.:woot:

My Shipp to address is coming via a PM now.:D

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