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The Cuban Govt. has banned the screening of that fat POS michael moore's movie Sicko in Cuba. Seems that the Cubans are afriad that if citizens see it, they will believe (as moore wanted US to....) that health care in Cuba is fantastic, and everyone gets it. Seems like he chose to film in the ONLY remodeled hospital in the country, and slant the production so far left, that even the Cubans see it as B.S. WAY TO GO MIKE! Your lies are catching up to you. I swear, If I had the funding, I'd plant a camera crew on him 24-7 (like HE does to his "subjects") and document the life of a true Limosine Liberal, flying his private Lear jet, while chastising everyone else for not riding a bicycle. If I'm ever luck enough to run into him in public, I'd spit in his face.

Semper Fi! :rockon

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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