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Hi everyone,

I would be grateful for some advice. I am a newbie the forum and to the Ducati world. I live in Singapore and bought my first Ducati in March, a beautiful S4 (2001 model, carburetor).

About a month or so ago, I switched it off and when i tried to switch it back on after literally 30 seconds, it just would not start. It cranked for a second and stopped.

The shop tested everything and said the Immobilizer may be faulty. I got a second hand ICU from ebay but it doesnt work as it has to be flashed with my current system.

I have been told i have the following options:
1) Get a new ICU, ECU, key ignition panel & keys. cost approx US$3000 +
2) I can get a new ICU, flash the whole system and get it to work

I dont want to go for option 1 if there is a cheaper way. For option 2, the workshop says they need the bin file for my model but cant find it. Is there any suggestion or advice you can give me to help me out?

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