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It pains me to do this, but im just not riding the bike much.

Bike Located in Phoenix AZ, I will ship, however buyer pays all costs associated with the shipment.

I have a gorgeous 2003 RC with 10,148 Miles. I am the original owner bought new off the showroom floor in St. George Utah back in 03. I have more money and time into this bike than I care to admit and it pains me to sell it but I haven’t ridden it but a few times over the last few years and could use the $$ as I am a new father.

** 7K Firm with wheels, 5500$ with the stockers mounted. **

Mods list:
Carrozzeria Tri-R Forged wheels/ New Corsa III Rubber
Ohlins shock w/ remote preload adjuster/ TI spring
Sato banzai carbon
Sato rearsets black
Sato Frame Sliders
Sato Clipons
DK Forks
Genuine Mori Link
Brembo MC
Galfer Stainless Lines F/R
HRC Hard Bite Pads
15/41 520 Mod
Durbahn CF airbox
Carrozzeria Works Brake Rotors Front & rear (full Floaters)
Carrozzeria Underhung rear Brake Kit, Brembo caliper, Brembo slave
Sharkskins carbon Kevlar Bodywork, All Black/ W both headlight holes
Jet Hot coated header
Magical racing carbon Hugger
Magical racing Carbon Front fender
Scotts damper
SpeedCell battery
Flapper/PAIR mod
Nicky Mod
HRC Blockoff plates
Speedo healer
CRG levers
Anodized Preload adjusters
Clear DB windscreen
Battery/ Electronics relocation
Dussault Undertail

And probably a few mods that I forgot about. This is a very well setup RC and runs friggin awesome. I have been building this bike piece by piece since the day I bought it. It has been on the track 5 times in the beginner group. It handles well and is a pleasure to ride. Oil changed every 1k or after every trackday with Mobil1 Synthetic every time. Have all receipts. Please feel Free to call me anytime. I know the RC's arent going for much these days but its a good bike with lots of mods. Feel Free to shoot me an offer but im not giving it away.


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Thanks for the compliments. I would like to keep this bike as it my favorite bike i have owned, but it is hard to enjoy the bike on the street, and my DMV record has taken a BEATING. I have no self control and turn into a hooligan in 22.5 seconds. I did a few track days on it then I started to think about tossing it down the track and replacing the carbon Banzai's and other parts and decided it wasnt worth it with this amount of money invested and replacement parts becoming rare. So other than a quick run across town it doesnt get ridden much.

It sat in my living room for nearly 2 years when I was single and jacked myself up riding my CR500, and i was perfectly content to leave it there forever, but I have 2 young boys now ( 2 and 1 yrs old:wacky ) and think a boat would really allow us to spend some good quality time together in the coming years.

It was the first bike I bought off the showroom floor. I lusted after it and said f*ck it, im buying this bitch. lol. It also helped me bag quite a few honeys in my college days.:rockon damm maybe i SHOULD keep it. Someone come take it before I change my mind:(

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fellow cr500 rider

i hear ya, check out my other girlfriend. She destroys 450's as well. I have owned an 85, 92 and 01. This one is something special as well. Something special about the cr500. Full GSS race motor and 250 ignition. I have always wanted to try her on ice... *jealous*


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This RC is SOLD!!! damm fine bike I will miss it dearly!

THe deal was done WITHOUT the wheels. So if anyone is interested please let me know. 1600$ with rotors and 80% 4 month old corsa 3's.
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