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I've got a pair of the Yoyodyne 40/65 caliper adapters for Ducati. Run the newer 65mm calipers on your older 40mm caliper mount forks. $125 in very good condition.

1-piece reverse pattern shift lever mounts directly to shaft, polished aluminum, I think it's from Ferracci. $75 in very good condition.

Black 3-spoke 916 wheels (I believe they were painted). Pretty good shape as far as I can tell. $250/pr.

All prices +shipping........
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TS, I am interested in the reverse shifter. Will it fit a 998? Email me at [email protected] if it is still available. I would like to pay with Paypal. Thanks.
TS, what bike did shifter come off. Also do you have a picture.
Re: (jpduc)

Sorry for the delay....I've been gone riding. Shifter came off a '98 916 when I replaced it with the stock shifter. I got your e-mail......I'll get you a picture later this afternoon when I'm in the shop.
Re: (TS)

Here's the pics......sorry it took so long.

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do you still have the shifter?

Please email me at [email protected]

Shifter sold......thanks James, it'll be there fri. UPS
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