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Misc Parts for sale (undertail, v-cowl, rear seat and cover, headlight, f/fender)

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*SP2 V-Cowl: $15 shipped
*Eurobikes Undertail: $30 shipped
-comes with blinkers, rear tail-light, and mounting bracket
-this was on the bike when I bought it so no instructions or anything, sorry
-needs painted
*Rear seat cover: $15 shipped
-needs painted

*Rear seat: $20 shipped
*Left headlight: $20 shipped

*Factory front fender: $20 shipped
-Painted to match '05 or '06 paint
-One tab is broken
-A few scuffs but overall in good shape

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I'll take the v cowl rear seat and cowl and the headlight.
I wil take the front fender. can you please pm me with your pp addy Thank you
Everything is sold but the front fender! Everything will be shipped today! Thanks guy.

Pm is on the way Shamrock. I probably won't get to ship the fender until tomorrow, cool?

Damn! Wish I had known about this when you sold me the airbox. If the rear seat falls through, let me know and I'll take it off your hands.
Money sent thanks again
I'll get that fender shipped out Monday for you man, thanks! :cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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