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So here is the deal. About a year ago Matris products started to get imported to the United States. The importers first order was a sizeable one, and why wouldn’t it be, Matris is a great product and it should sell like hotcakes. Unfortunately the infrastructure to support suspension sales was not in place until recently. This leaves an inventory sitting on the ground that is no longer “current”. In this day and age most motorcycles are redesigned every 2-3 years. This is great for the consumer, but no so great for importers. Keeping an inventory current is hard. So here we are, a big sale on Matris products.
  • First come (pay) first serve
  • Pricing is final.
  • Pricing is so close to cost that I can not give more of a discount if you buy multiple items.
  • All fork kits come with .90kg springs
  • If you need another spring (s) it will be $55 charge per side and I keep the old springs.
  • Paypal, Visa, Mastercard accepted.
  • Paypal preferred.
  • If you would like to purchase a fork kit and will paying with Paypal it is easiest for me if you email me what you want, if you need a spring and include your Paypal email address. I will simply send you an invoice.
  • If you need to pay by Visa/Mastercard it would still be easiest if you emailed me first with what you want and we can make sure you are going to be riding on the correct springs, etc. Once we have you figured out I will give you a call and get your information.
  • Please keep in mind I am only one guy and a therefore I can’t sit around waiting for phone calls all day like “retail” outlet. Most days I am in the shop with my hands dirty and I make my phone calls a few select times a day.
  • I am available trackside for a lot of events this season if you would like some help setting up your new purchase. Here is a link for the dates: http://www.departmentofsuspension.com/schedule.htm
  • If you need me to install your fork kit in your forks the labor is $100
  • Shipping inside the lower 48 is $18
  • Shipping to Canada, Hawaii and PR is $38
  • All other international shipping is $70
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

or drop me a line 734-474-9971.

I don’t get much of a chance to spend time on forums much anymore, so if you have any questions your best way to get them answered is to email me.

F05 SE

The F05 SE series kits are complete replacements for everything inside your fork, and include spring preload adjustments. This series is an upgrade for bikes that are equipped with dampening rod forks. They work very similarly to the Race Tech “cartridge emulators”, but have the advantage of coming with a cap that allows you to adjust spring preload. These for kits are a massive improvement over OEM dampening rod setups. I have put a few kits in for guys running the Kawasaki Ninja 650R at the track and they are telling me the fork improvement is outstanding!

The kits come complete with piston pre-assembled, and a dedicated lamellar pack for the compression and extension (rebound) adjustment. Typically, original forks need no modification. But if necessary valve stacks can be modified to the particular riders needs. All kits come with caps and springs.

All internal and external components are machined in 7075 aluminum, then hard anodized.


The F05S is a 20mm cartridge replacement kit. Matris chose to make a kit at this price range so they could encompass some of the less race oriented bikes that are in need of fork improvements yet come stock with cartridge style forks. This specification fork cartridge is also a very good replacement for dedicated sport bikes that come with “right side up” forks stock. These cartridge kits were designed and priced to bridge the gap between a full blown 25mm race cartridge kit ($1400+) and the entry level fork upgrade that is chosen by most riders the “valve upgrade” which is offered by Ohlins, Race Tech, etc ($430 with springs).

The F05S cartridge kits are compression, rebound and spring preload adjustable.

The F05S is a very good quality option that does not break the bank. A standard fork “valve job” runs about $650 including parts, labor, etc and you still have the OEM cartridges, cap, etc. For a few dollars more the F05S is clearly a better option.

All fork kits come complete with:
  • Instructions
  • “Tuning” sheets for your notebook which will make it easier for you to track your changes and their results.
  • Fluid
  • Springs


The F05R kit has 25mm pistons just like Ohlins class leading and widely used World Supersport fork cartridge kits as well as their wildly popular Road and Track Forks.………but at a fraction of the cost. The cartridge kits completely replace all of your existing fork internals. For the Supersport racer this is great news….because you are still legal. For you track day guys it’s even better news because you get as good or even better performance than a $2600 set of dedicated “race forks” for far less money. I have tested these Matris 25mm Fork Cartridge kits against my own, and very modified, tested and race proven Ohlins Road and Track forks and prefer the performance of the Matris modified OEM forks hands down!

The biggest contributing factor to the Matris 25mm fork kit working so incredibly well is that it has something that I have seen in no other fork…..ever. They have a third valve. All high performance forks have a compression and a rebound valve or circuit. Matris 25mm fork cartridge kits have THREE! The third valve, which we have dubbed the “Bottoming valve” (because I don’t speak Italian) only functions in the bottom 18-20mm (15%) of the fork travel depending on what fork kit you are using. This extra valve and cartridge that goes along with it provides additional control to the bottom of the forks stroke without having to make valving sacrifices at the top 85% of the fork travel. So what does this all mean? This means that the fork can be set up to cope with extreme loads where needed (the bottom of the stroke) and still be plush and provide superior feedback in the rest of the stroke. The “bottoming valve” also offers another advantage and that is that the compression and rebound valving can be set up as “two stage” which is similar to Motocross and Cross Country Snowmobile suspensions. Forks without a bottoming valve too many compromises need to be built into the compression and rebound valving to make two stage valving work effectively. This is a true breakthrough that can not be ignored. This is one of those rare cases of being able to have your cake and eat it too! This technical advantage alone is worth the price of admission, but Matris did not stop there.

All internal pistons, rods and cartages are media tumbled, lapped finished and hard anodized before assembly. The damping rods are also an impressive 12mm in diameter.

Replacement compression and rebound adjusters (needles and seats) are included in the F05R fork kits. These needles and seats have an extremely shallow angle on them which allows a very fine level of adjustment to each circuit. Almost all OEM forks have horrible needles and seats which effectively make the “adjuster” into an on/off switch instead of an “adjuster” as it should be. Even some of the high end “Race” forks don’t have a sufficiently tapered needle and seat to allow you to fine tune the fork as much as you would like to.

And last but not least all cartridge kits come complete with top out springs to help you finish corners on the gas better and prevent the fork from beating itself to death while they are fully extended.

The F05R kits provide preload, compression and rebound adjustment

All fork kits come complete with:
  • Instructions
  • “Tuning” sheets for your notebook which will make it easier for you to track your changes and their results.
  • Fluid
  • Springs
………….YR……Fork Kit………….retail………sale price






Ninja 650R.06-07..F05SE…….570.00……..315.00




MV Agusta











R1…… 04-06....F05R……………1350.00……749.00



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Do you have a kit for an sp1 RC?

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