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I'm posting this on behalf of the Mid Atlantic Road Racing Club.
If you are thinking about road racing, this is the place to get licensed. Great track, great school, great people and atmosphere in the paddock. Race bikes all day, and race go-karts all night [go cart track is within the facility]:rockon

Our next chance to play is Friday, July 2nd. The CCS races are the next 2 days, so you can get in some good practice if you are racing that weekend.

If you did the MARRC track day or Road Race school, you are now automatically a MARRC member. Your membership now gets you a $20 discount on the rest of the MARCC track days for this year, or if you are ready for Racing, a $20 discount on MARRC Road Race school. That makes school only $230, and track day only $130.

Please tell your friends and post this attatched flyer wherever you can- chat rooms, forums, dealerships- wherever we can put it to get more participants. If we cannot start at least breaking even on our expenses, we will not be able to continue these track days.
TRACK DAY registration
RRS registration

Rick Beggs

45700 Woodland Rd.
Unit 160
Sterling, VA 20166

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