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Manufacturer Complexion in WSBK

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So I enjoy watching and following AMA, MotoGP, and WSBK, but they're not the end-all-be-all of my interests, meaning I don't know the ins and the outs of each series like the back of my hand. With that said could someone give me a layman's guide as to what has freaking happened to the Ducati brand representation in WSBK? I have to confess I have no idea why the series went from 75-80% Ducati, to probably less then 25%, with a very small portion of that 25% being weekend competitors. So what's up?

Did WSBK rewrite the rules and those new rules severely handicap Ducati? Did the basic opposite happen, meaning previously the rules were advantageous to Ducati UNTIL this year? I see even Frankie has changed over to Honda.

I'm baffled but I'm sure there's a simple answer.

Thanksfully, out of the three series' I mentioned, WSBK comes in at a distant third, but it was always fun to tune into a WSBK broadcast and here the ducs roar, since they were the majority.
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Re: Manufacturer Complexion in WSBK (ten~39)

Prior to this year, the rules were skewed in favor of twins, what with restrictors on the fours. Then in 2003 and 2004 you had the situation of Ducati being the only works team, and the only manufacturer supplying well funded "private" teams with good bikes, engine programs, and whatnot. Suddnely Ducati is racing itself, and the works team gets the "good" Michelins...welcome to the Ducati Cup Series!

Due to this and some major politics involving the manufacturers and the owners of MotoGP, the manu's walked, with the exception of Ducati whose bread and butter has always been World Supers.

The rest of the manu's are coming back slowly but surely, and Suzuki has a bike from hell this year. Suzuki owns WSBK, AMA Superbike, and BSB. Ducati is scrambling this year.

Edit: Whoops...this just in...Honda is owning BSB this year...

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