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More things out of the spares box!!

This sucker actually came on my current SP1...original owner 2000 bike that was used as Dan Kyle's Sato pipe dyno test bike when they made the maps, so that probably explains the Baby Face sticker...

So there ya go, a little RC51 history for ya in this one. It is probably over 8 years old, has been painted tastefully as seen and has the Baby Face (Sato) old school sticker on it (almost wanna keep it!).

Very light and NO damage, but shows some use obviously for its age...and I gotta say I think the Tyga one is nicer, definitely around the front lip and mounting points...maybe this was an early MR version...

So with that same price as the Tyga Fender we have on sale $145!!!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts