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WaltST4s said:
sp2pilot said:
wtf is wrong with stock exhaust

Hey SP2,
Nice Pic! :rockon Have you ever scraped the stock pipes on the track?
I know alot of guys on this list might disagree, but I think the stock exhaust looks good on the RC. The finish is nice and the cans look kinda 'beefy'.

+1 on that. In my opinion, nothing beats the overall angles the stock exhaust makes on this bike. I wish some aftermarket maker just replicated the angle of the mid pipe tubing and added their can. I would buy that in a heartbeat.The stockers are not an eye soar on the RC. It just sucks that they are soooo quiet. And for the record, I run the stock blinkers too. I figure it helps me if I ever need to hit the anal cops out here with harassment. One town near me has a reputation for busting sport biker chops. I hope that never has to happen.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts