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01 injected M750 w.6000K mi. Just did the valves on it, had to replace two opening shims that were out just a little bit. Replaced the belts as well and lined the timing marks to the case marks except for the horizontal cylinder where I lined the mark up to where there ostensibly should be a mark but instead there's a screw (I've been told by many this is the mark to use though there's no raised nub or paint mark). The shims spun freely (i.e. were not too tight) after replacing the two that were out of spec.

I did all the valve checking, shimming, belts, etc, at TDC to the best of my knowledge and efforts. I have no reason to believe anything was done improperly. After replacing the opener shims and doing the belts, when spun by the wheel nothing in the engine was binding or indicative of any problems. Fired her up but as soon as I put the air filter back onto the airbox it stalled, repeatedly. It won't idle.

What would make the bike die like that? The apparent stalling stimulus is the air restriction imposed by the air filter.

The only other bit I can think of might be related is on a thick black hose from the fuel tank that had a cruddy slightly oily dirty end. I don't know where it ended prior to beginning work but after comparing to my buddy's 96 M900 it appeared to be a vent of some kind that just tucks in twds the center of the bike resting on the horizontal cylinder block just below where the vertical meets it. Nothing else seems to be pinched and I didn't mess w.the fuel filter. Keep in mind this is all going on with the tank on it's prop and the airbox exposed.

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