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Re: Loudon NHIS August 3rd, 5th (cdrchode)

Well I survived the track day with the rubber side down. I had all kinds of mechanical problems though.

I decided not to run the RC, instead I took my track prepped 88' EX500. I hadn't run her in almost two years (I know I owe the bike a huge apology) and I paid for it today. My prep for the track day included coolant flush, oil change and brake fluid change. My test run was limited to a few runs down my one way street since the bike isn't registered for street use.

Something is wrong with my shift fork and or transmission cause when I am in 2nd as soon as I let off the gas I end up in neutral. Its kind of crappy to hit a turn with the engine reving and no power at the rear wheel. I spent most of my remaining sessions in third gear the entire way around the track. Well I thought I was running really slow and I was, slow enough to get the attention of the track experts who told me that I was running good lines, but wanted to know how much throttle I was using. I mentioned my staying in 3rd the whole way around the track and I told then by the corner exits, I have my throttle pinned. Well they looked at me kind of funny, I guess because my exits weren't that fast for a 3rd gear full throttle exit. One of the expert riders is the local expert on the EX500. He rode the bike for 30 seconds in the parking lot came back and told me I am only firing on one cylinder. He helped me troubleshoot spark and the carbs to see if they had fuel. The diagnosis is that one of the carb jets is plugged. ( I guess Stabil doesn't work for 2 years huh?) I will see about that in the morning. Well the gentleman who helped me offered me his EX for the last track session.
Of course he requested that I don't crash it and I didn't. My 88 EX has 16 inch wheels with Metz Comp K tires and his is newer with 17 inch wheels and Dunlop 208 GPs. Those tires friggin rock. I finally was able to keep up with most of the riders on 600's on his bike with a fully functioning engine, which was a great feeling because before I wasn't enjoying getting passed my 3 bikes every other corner.

I don't think I am ready to risk my RC on the Loudon track yet. I have seen three RCs on the track here and only one of them left under its own power (and that one had been wrecked in its previous trip to NHIS). Another RC51 bit the dust today in Turn Six. i didn't see it happen but I couldn't miss it sitting along the wall as I putted past on one cylinder.

Now I need to make my plans for Friday. I am going to try to replace the transmission with one from a parts bike and clean the carbs. If I can't get it done I am thinking about renting a bike for the track day. I figure I should take advantage of my free weekdays, while I still got them.
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