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Lots of stuff wanted and for sale

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Next winter I want to raise my displacement from 1036 to 1123 by putting a stroker crank in. I'm told that I can use any of the cranks from a 1000DS Super Sport, 1000 Multi Strada, 1000SS ST, or a Monster 1000 but someone else told me that I can only use a 1000DS crank. So, I need a crank and I'm selling mu practically new 916 motor with 1200 miles on it and a ligh flywheel. Just give me a call at 212-686-9410 Phil
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Re: Lots of stuff wanted and for sale (Phil_Barone)

Phil, just read your list of goodies, dude you need committing
, 13.4 to 1, mate you could run diesel in that!!

Sound very cool
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