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Looking for Hi-Mount Cans for 1996 900SS

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I'm trying to locate some hi-mount slipons for my 1996 900SS. Sounds simple enough, but there's a couple of requirements.

1) I'm not interested in overly loud "cop-magnet" pipes. Ideally, I'd like to find a set of cans that lets the deep Ducati rumble through, but ones that won't set off car alarms and wake up the neighborhood. I previously had a set of Sil Motor "race" cans which were annoyingly loud, especially on long trips. Needless to say, I quickly sold these.

2) I really don't want to spend any more than $600. Ideally, I'd like to pay less. This probably puts me into the used-pipes category which is fine, as long as they are in good cosmetic shape.

Please respond offline to [email protected].

Thanks for your help!

Don Hadden
Manchester, New Hampshire
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