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I have a KREEM rust repair kit, but the rust is so bad in the tank, that if I use the etching acid it will eat all the way through. I will try the shock on the track for the first time on August 29th and 30th at VIR. I will have my Thermosman reworked forks on there then too.
I too am looking for a new tank. My bike is an 89 gt. I don't care if it has rust in it as long as the outside isn't too beat up and it doesn't have Kreem on the inside.
Last year I used the Kreem system on my tank to remove and reseal the inside. It was a bad, bad idea. The Kreem liner has already broken down and there is tons of rust under the liner. I had big flakes of it coming off and it is difficult to get them out of the tank. The instructions say to remove the Kreem, just pour some acitone in your tank. Easy right? NO! It didn't work. I called Kreem products and they said to try using MEK from a paint store instead. In the mean time I can't get my tank resealed with anything else because that liner is still there in patches. Some one suggested I have my tank vatted if nothing else will work to remove the Kreem. The more people I talk to about it, the more bad reviews I hear on Kreem. Everyone is saying Rustguard is the thing to use instead. In the mean time, my bike is out of commission, the AC is broken in my black car and I can't get it fixed until my bike is fixed, I can't find car parking at school and I'm in Texas where it's really fricken hot. Thanks Kreem for making my life so awesome!
Rust Guard on Wurth Industry of North America
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