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it's cool, but down with electric boringcycles and viva la killing dinosaurs. they will never hold the same visceral excitement as internal combustion motorsport. there is just nothing appealing about the silent whiirrrrrrr of a sewing machine to a crowd. I'm sorry that's just the way it is. fans of motorsport don't like to have internal combustion engines muffled let alone something nearly silent.

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Electric bikes will spawn a new aftermarket business. Various types of cards to clip on the forks that will flap against the spokes like I did when I was 6. Today you can have an I4 sound, tomorrow a V twin, the next day a single thumper. Note that the V4 cards have been banned world wide.

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As strange as this might sound , give it a minute to settle in...when you're riding your bike it's about what you're feeling above the shoulders more so than what's under your ass...:cool:

Electric , gasoline , solar power , whatever...it's about the ride .

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Enjoy this thread

I actually hope that what started out of a doomed and nieve garage project can be transformed into a new type of vehicle, namely the electric racer. Czysz has a decent chance of being the leader in this area should he choose to concentrate on the bike he is racing this week.
Interesting... I bumped the thread.:cool:

I'm a lot of things, but I'm no engineer. I'm still intrigued by the unique engine and chassis design elements, though.:eek:

If this were another forum, you could do a breakdown of many of the various architectures in an informative thread. On 'Zilla? It'd be a breakdown, alright...:eek:

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Maybe it'll make it once around the island this time. Only reason why this project went electric is because it was subsidized by handouts from the government and Mototcsysz needed the money. YAWN. Hope you're enjoying my tax money Csysz... This class of racing at the TT is pointless folly and is a cruel joke to those who've risked or lost their lives conquering the curves of the Isle on machines worthy (and capable) of traversing it's landscape. Maybe next year they'll have a class for tricycles to showcase the ultimate in green technology.

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Wicked looking and I like the intsant torque of an electric motor but the
current state of batteries means a bike that is short on range and heavy...

At first glance electric powered bikes seems like the answer but then
you do a direct comparison of range between a tank of gas and a bank
of batteries

Electric motors can produce power at a very competitive weight...
Current 4 stroke street bike engine and transmission are in the
neighborhood of 150 pounds and can produce 150 horsepower for about 1
pound per horsepower ratio... compare that with the motor of the
248-bhp Tesla Roadster which weighs 115 pounds... Add in the
transmission and controllers and the Tesla's total drive train weight
is still less than 250 pounds that pound per horsepower figure that is
better than our bikes...

Electric motors are really efficiency... 75% of the fuel energy in
your tank is lost to heat... only 25% of that fuel energy turns the
crank... compare that with the 90% efficiency of the electric motor...
only 10% of the electricity is lost to heat... not to mention the
Tesla is air cooled and does not require a exhaust system...

Electric vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to make direct
comparisons between gas and batteries preferring to de-emphasize
weight and range and stress recharging speed and cost.

Electric powered racer might be interesting but the only hurdle is the
batteries... current state of the art in battery technology just can't
compare to the energy in a ounce of petrol... gas still sports 60
times the energy of an battery... fill your tank with 5 gallons of gas
and it weights 32 pounds (6.4 lb per gallon x 5)... a 32 pound
Lithium-Ion battery would equal only 11 ounces of gas... that really
negatively effects range... you'd need about 456 pounds in batteries
to equal the energy of 5 gallons of petrol...
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